Truck Weight Scale Automation Retrofitting the Process with Innovation

               Case Study Executive Summary


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The Truck Weighing Process

Truck weighing process is one of the critical processes in logistics and supply chain industry which can be commonly found at warehouses, factories, and ports with the purpose to prevent fraud ensuring that the cargo carried on the truck has the exact amount as ordered. Another important purpose of the process is for safety for during transportation especially for sea and air which have strict cargo weight limit regulation. Normally the truck weight scale composes of 2 main components which are truck loadcell calculating the weight and the software for operator to record and confirm the transaction.

Manual Operation – Rooms for Improvement 

When truck arrives at the weight bridge, operator must manually record information into weight scale software which include truck weight retrieved from the loadcell and truck license plate number along with other information from document such as cargo list. In some cases, we found that the truck driver must get out of the truck and approach the office to submit the document.  After the data and document is confirmed, the operator hands out receipt and signals the driver to pass through.

With manual process, it leads to human error and bottle for the operation. Furthermore, with some outdated software, it is very difficult for the operator to integrate with other platform or provide digital and customized report for further analytics and other process optimization. These obstacles from the legacy process imposes barrier for the company for achieving its full performance potential.


Retrofitting The Process with Automation

To transform the legacy truck weight scale operation, retrofitting the process is the ideal solution for process renovation with reasonable investment and operational practicality as most of the operation sites has existing truck scale station and related facility e.g., guard post or booth gate.

Transformation Goals Are

  • Improving Operation Accuracy
  • Reducing Operation Time
  • Optimizing Human Resource Management
  • Enhancing Data Integration Capability


To achieve transformation goals, Truck Weight Scale Automation’ is suggested to integrate the legacy operation with series of technology and equipment to enabling automatic process as follow

  • Automatic Truck License Plate Recognition and CCTV System
  • Truck Weight Scale Operation Center Management and monitoring Interface
  • Existing Weight Scale Software Integration
  • Gate Barrier System Integration



The New Automatic Truck Weight Scale Process

With the retrofitting implementation, the operator can pre-registered truck data into the truck scale management interface before the truck arrival organizing the truck and cargo job planning.

After the truck arrives at the weight scales, the CCTV camera will capture and recognize the truck license plate, including Thai province, then the data is submitted to the existing weight scale software.

When the 3-Factor data is confirmed; truck license plate from truck license plate recognition software, truck/cargo weight from existing weight scale software, and pre-registered data from management interface, the result and truck image will be displayed on the center management interface and recorded in the database as a ready-to-use report and for integration with 3rd party platforms,

After the transaction is confirmed, the gate barrier will open allowing the truck to proceed to further process. Then, the weight scale process is completed.


The Truck Weight Process Retrofitting Outcomes

Upgrading the truck weight scale operation with seamless integration to existing process and system can provide the operator the opportunity to

  • Organize pre-registered data for advanced operation processes and risk planning.
  • Achieve high truck data entry accuracy (greater than 95.00%) with An Automatic Truck License Plate recognition CCTV integrated with existing truck weight scale software.
  • Reduce operation time with the automatic or semi-automatic process from entry to exit the weight scale process.
  • Optimize human resource management with staff rotation from onsite operator to center control to support exception cases while performing higher-value tasks.
  • Obtain ready-to-use and organized digital operation report with flexibility for data integration with other management software and platforms unlocking potential such as truck turnaround time optimization.



Download our full case study

Unlocking Full Operational Potential

With An Automatic Document Scanner and Serrvice Kiosk

For truck weight scale operation with sophisticated processes such as cargo export and import document verification and driver confirmation activity, An Automatic Document Scanner and Driver Self-Service Kiosk was developed to deliver seamless automatic and semi-automatic process.

With an automatic document scanner powered by Verily Vision’s OCR technology, the information from the scanned document is automatically extracted and submitted to verify with a management system such as weight scale software and Transportation Management System (TMS) or Warehouse Management System (WMS), reducing manual process for data input and human error.

Truck drivers can do the operational activity with kiosk interface to fill in the necessary information and communicate with operation command center for troubleshooting process.