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Automatic License Plate Recognition – ALPR

Applying Verily Vision’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision algorithm along with CCTV Camera system, ALPR is able to automatically provide…

  • Licnese Plate Number with Minimum Guarantee of 95% Accuracy
  • Thai Language Province with Minimum Guarantee of 70% Accuracy
  • Vehicle Movement Record (Playback video)
  • Vehicle Types Recognition (Car, Truck, Taxi, Etc.)
  • Customized Data Logging Interface
  • Full Flexibility In System Integration such as
    – Toll Way System

    – Weight Scale Software
    – Gate Barrier Control System
    – Parking Management System
    – Other Access Control Management System
  • Capable of ASEAN Language Development

See How Our System Works In Action

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) can be installed and work in an out-door condition (Day and Night) with every day business opreation environment

Applicable for various plate types (red, yellow, green plate etc including support any camera brands (Hikvision, Panasonic, Dahua, Fukuro, etc)

Application For Real Estate and Parking Management

Offering high solution performance and reliability including full flexibility in solution customization and integration with external system,

Our solution can be integrated with access control system such as RFID tag and face recognition system for higher security for real estate. ALPR can also be integrated with parking management system and gate barrier control for higher efficiency and innovative brand image.

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Application For Supply Chain And Logistics

Our system can be integrated with truck weight scale system in order to enhance operation efficiency for factory, warehouse and etc.

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